The original Avengers who saved New York and London multiple times are no more — it’s a sad fact, but the truth nonetheless. Some have gone to superhero-heaven, while others have just moved out of the way for the new guysand girls. Celebrate their lasting legacy with a collection of all the movies.

The Avengers Assembled Set, from Steelbook, has all of the Avengers films assembled (pun intended) in one place. All four movies are in ultra HD Blu-Ray form encapsulated in cases. They sit inside of a larger, metallic box that is lined on the sides with the logos of each of the original Avengers.

The set is exclusive to Best Buy, with a heavy price tag of $119.  It’s comforting to have all four films together in something that is hard to lose. There is nothing worse than sitting down to watch all 10.5 hours of the Avengers movies and realizing one is missing. With this set, storage is a *snap* (nope, not running out of puns anytime soon). However, one review did say — and we wholeheartedly agree — you are really paying for the highly detailed set, not the films.

The slick cases are easy to remove from the well-padded box. Open them up to see artwork that was inspired by the films in comic book form. Age of Ultron depicts Black Widow mid-battle — her furious glare captured well. Inside Infinity War, Iron Man is carrying Spider-Man through space — much like how Robert Downey Jr. carried his co-stars through the first couple of films. 

It’s a well-designed collecter’s item that just so happens to have the movies ready for any time your superhero-movie craving hits.

Photo: Best Buy