For an 80-year-old, Batman looks pretty good for his age. He looks even better (and cuter) as part of YuMe’s DZNR Plush line, celebrating the bat’s legacy with exclusive chibi plush figures tailored to reflect notable moments in the DC hero’s history.

These toys depict Batman as a cute, short, and adorably big-headed doll (collectively called chibi, which is the Japanese term for characters of that description) made of plush material. The figures are geared toward collectors, but with such a soft (and dare I say, downright huggable) depiction of the Dark Knight, who says they’re not fit for parents, kids, and childless adult person?

Each figure depicts the classic Batman look: a broad cape and Bat-emblemed chest, a large mask to cover his large face, and a sturdy base that allows him to stand up on his own. The figures differ in their design as the caped crusader’s costume is altered with each edition, displaying patterns and colors across the bat’s giant forehead like a billboard into history.

Batman DZNR Plushes from YuMe

There’s the Batman Logo Edition, which covers the figure in a collage of the many Batman logos from the comics throughout the years. With its early-year logos, this doll is a colorful and graphic piece that can serve as the cornerstone of your own collection. The Golden Age Edition, which highlights the shining period in comic book history from the 1930s-1950s by featuring artwork from Batman’s original creator, Bob Kane, includes the pop-art looks and retro “Pow” onomatopoeia that the time was known for. (It’s an instant favorite.)

The collection then jumps to the Modern Age Edition, featuring the gritty crime fighter of Gotham City as we know him today. Meanwhile, the Jim Lee Edition honors the comic book artist and modern foil to the Golden Age’s Bob Kane, who is responsible for shaping Batman in recent years.

Other options include a camouflaged Batman, an all-black Blackout Edition, the classic gray-and-black Dark Knight, an emblem-decorated Batman, and the Detective Comics Edition, featuring the logo for the comic book series that first introduced Bruce Wayne and his alter ego to the world of entertainment.

These figures come in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes. Each one is packaged in a large window box that displays the figures in great detail and preserves the Batman so stylishly well, a hardcore collector might just keep it safe inside the box.

The design is a fun mix of cute and canon, showcasing Batman’s vengeful look and serious eagle eyes in a shape that appeals to all ages and fan types. The replicable form is great, providing a creative constraint that will always make for a beautiful collection when displayed together. I only wish there were more styles and designs to choose from — a Bat to match my eyes, maybe?

Photo: YuMe