Be warned: The Skrulls are coming for your LEGO collection.

Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack,” a new set from LEGO, includes everything Captain Marvel fans need to build an official S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet and reenact action scenes from the recent MCU blockbuster.

With 307 pieces and 109 building steps, the Quinjet isn’t incredibly complex, but it’s still an enjoyable build. The set includes four LEGO minifigures: Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in her red, blue, and gold uniform; young Nick Fury; the Skrull leader Talos; and Goose the Flerkin. Each figure(except Goose) has two different facial expressions fans can choose from when constructing the set or displaying their finished product.

Once built, the Quinjet measures about 4 inches high, 11 inches long, and 8 inches wide. It has a variety of detailed, working features, too, including missile blasters, a cockpit, and a rear compartment for Goose. All of these details, along with the multiple included characters, provide plenty of possibilities for imaginative play (for younger fans) and different scenarios to stage (for fans planning to display the set). CM LEGO Box
The only issue with the set, which may be an over-analysis on my part *Captain Marvel spoilers ahead* is that it doesn’t fully match with the plot of the movie. The set presents Talos as Danvers and Fury’s enemy (on the box, he appears to be holding Goose hostage?). However, by the time Danvers wears that suit into battle on screen, the Skrulls are no longer the enemy. In fact, Talos fights with Danvers and Fury against the Kree.

In reality, this is likely because the set came out before the movie, and Marvel didn’t want to spoil the movie’s plot twist. But I think the set could still represent the movie more accurately if it instead featured Danvers in her blue and black Kree suit or also included a Yon-Rogg figure. *Okay, the spoilers are over.*

Regardless, the set would make a fun afternoon building project for any Marvel fan and adds a much needed dose of girl power to the Marvel LEGO line. Also, Goose is really stinking cute in her LEGO form.

The set is available now for $29.99.