The newest additions to the Domez collectible line from Zag Toys, distributed by Jazwares — Fortnite Domez and Avengers: Endgame Domez — aren’t very different from the Domez that came before them. They feature the same attention to detail, branded base and clear dome covering, connectability, and attainable price point — and that same-ness is what makes these collectibles work so well.

While these two new lines represent incredibly different fandoms, the Domez unique design — with hooks and pegs that make them connectible and stackable — allows collectors to seamlessly display and reconfigure all of their different Domez together. You can hook Raven to Black Widow and stick them both on top of some Spider-Verse characters, if you are in the mood. That is a big plus not only for saving space, but also as a way to showcase your many fandoms at once.

endgame domez

Despite having the same overall design concept and packaging, the Fortnite and Endgame lines do have some differentiating traits. To start, the Avengers figures are completely blind bagged. There are nine figures to collect in all — Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Thanos, Black Widow, Ronin, Hulk, Nebula and a chase version of Thanos (spoiler alert: he’s gold) — but you don’t know which character you have until you’ve opened the bag. The Fortnite Domez, on the other hand, are labeled to reveal which figure is inside. You still can’t see the figure without opening the bag, but the bags clearly say which of the six skins in series one is inside. Fans can collect Elite Agent, Omega, Raven, Black Knight, Cuddle Team Leader, or Carbide.

The Fortnite characters are each posed as if ready for action, holding their signature weapon (and, in the case of Cuddle Team Leader, back bling).

cuddle team leader

The Avengers are a bit more complicated and across the board with their looks. The nine figures represent the characters at varying points in the movie, which is likely a byproduct of Marvel’s very heavy spoiler ban leading up to the blockbuster’s release. Thor, for example, looks more like his Infinity War self than how he does in most of Endgame. However, Hawkeye is in full Ronin getup and Black Widow is sporting her grown out red hair from the second half of the movie. Hulk arguably made it off the worst in this situation, wearing a generic, pale super suit that is a far cry from his old purple cutoffs but clearly wasn’t allowed to resemble the team’s matching time travel suits from in the movie.

Regardless, the figures do capture the essence of the six original Avengers and their greatest foe — plus Nebula, which feels somewhat random, but makes sense in the context of Endgame.

Overall, these new Domez aren’t groundbreaking, but they are welcome expansions to a very accessible and affordable collectibles line designed for fans of all ages.

While there are some options to purchase both Endgame and Fortnite Domez online, the best option for finding both is likely in store, at retailers such as Five Below, Target, and Hot Topic.

Photos: Zag Toys