There’s nothing better than when new collectibles drop for your favorite fandom. And while allll figures are something to get excited about, buildable, poseable figures really take the cake. It’s the little things that make being a fan so fun; in this case, those little things are some red hot Cuphead minifigures and construction sets, from McFarlane Toys, based on the popular video game.

The run ‘n gun fun of McFarlane Toy’s Cuphead merch begins with the art on the outside of each box. Whether you decide to open up a figurine blind box for a little surprise or tackle one of the super detailed construction sets, the vintage illustrations really set the stage for these collectibles. The art is true to the iconic style of Cuphead; however, the real excitement comes from the crazy-detailed figures and sets. (Added bonus: the collectibles are way easier to put together than it is to play Cuphead. No headaches or rage today.)

The Cuphead Buildable Figures stand at 2 ¼-inches tall and are available in a diverse 26-character lineup. With a varied rarity system to decrease the chances of doubles, there’s always a chance you’ll pick something new. (I chose five random boxes and never opened two of the same.) Each figure comes with beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow building instructions. The best part? Every character has 10 moveable articulation points that make each figure unique. 


If you can’t get enough of building tiny versions of your favorite Cuphead characters, then the Devil’s Throne Small Set, Devious Dice Small Set, and Chaotic Casino Large Set (all pictured above) will really tickle your fancy. All three construction sets are faithfully recreated models of the most difficult levels in the game. Each set is decked out with pillars, tables, props, and colors straight out of Cuphead.

If you’re looking for a low-key-construction figure, I’d go with the small sets. The Devil’s Throne Small Set is an easily managed 100 pieces, and the Devious Dice Small Set is even easier with only 85 pieces. Looking for something more ambitious? Go with the Chaotic Casino Large Set. This beast of a collectible figure comes with 209 pieces and stands an impressive 12 inches tall. Each set includes a 2 ¼-inch figure to live in the set and instructions, which helps make the construction pretty painless. Just a bit of a warning though: Don’t get too excited opening the bags with all of the set pieces like I did. Let’s just say many shapes went … everywhere. Not my best moment.

The impeccable attention to detail, amazing packaging, and varied selection of figures all make McFarland Toy’s new Cuphead merch a must-have for any fan of the franchise. 

Photos: McFarlane Toys