Why is Star Wars the ultimate universe for creating adorable robots? R2-D2 beeped his way into our hearts from the beginning, and “they” just keep creating more droids to love. D-0 will premiere in Rise of Skywalker and keep the tradition going.

Its made out of spare parts and apparently wants to be just like BB-8, so it joins the resistance. The Remote Control D-0, from Hasbro, captures the excitable droid perfectly. It reacts to touch, reaction, and sound in various ways, so go ahead and play around to see what it’s capable of doing! As it rolls along the floor, it continuously beeps cheerfully.

Fans can interact with this piece of the Star Wars Universe either on the floor or while it sits in its stand on a desk. If you’re keeping lil’ D-0 in its stand, press the button on the remote once and it will follow along with its head. Press the button three times and it will enter guard mode. The droid responds to sound and motion with an alarm sound. Fans can do the same thing in floor mode to automatically set off the alarm.

On the floor, D-0 chases the remote if you press the button one time. It rolls around and sometimes falls over, but just pick it up and it keeps right on going. I swear when I did it beeped “thank you” before it continued its playful searching.

It’s best to play with the droid in an open space because it moves around quickly and can get caught on things stuck on the floor. I recommend using the mobile app to better control its movement.

As far as design goes, this is a pretty good-looking collectible with its rusted sides from the desert suns. While rolling around on the floor, it can pick up hair and dirt, which only adds to its mismatched look. You will need two AAA batteries for the remote to work, and the charger for the droid is at the bottom of its stand. Charging is done when the lights on its head have finished blinking.

Turning D-0 off is the saddest thing you will ever have to do: It makes a whimpering, beeping sound before powering down. Even when stored away, it will stay in your heart forever. Find it on sale exclusively at Target for $99.99.

Photos: Hasbro