Combining fierce Disney Princesses, cartoon-style illustrations, and collectibles, a new range of adorable Disney Princess figures will add a touch of Disney magic to your collector’s shelf.

Hasbro’s Disney Princess Comics Collection features collectible figures based on iconic Disney characters from films such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, and Tangled.

The poseable figures are inspired by the Disney Princess comic series from Joe Books, which reimagines the leading ladies in everyday, relatable situations. These 5-inch figures bring these stylized characters to life, and make the perfect gift for any Disney fan.

Available exclusively at Target, each princess is dressed in her iconic look, and stands on a unique base. For example, Belle is ready to waltz along a parquet ballroom floor in her iconic ballgown, Pocahontas stands tall on a boulder a’la “Colors of the Wind,” and Rapunzel shines on the yellow sunburst emblem from the film. Each base has two pegs for the figure’s feet to click into so the figure stands upright.

The figures are available in both deluxe sets with multiple figures, or as individual collectibles.

And if you choose to leave these in the packaging, even the box art is a thing of beauty, featuring tons of comic book-style elements and vibrant designs.

Photos: Hasbro