There’s a common statement that gets thrown around when discussing Funko‘s Pop! Vinyl figures: They make everything.

That’s not entirely true, though. Yes, they make many things, but just when you think that you’ve seen it all, along comes Sting in his underwear.

It was December 1984 when audiences first experienced director David Lynch’s cinematic adaptation of author Frank Herbert’s Dune. Not many audiences saw it in theaters, as the film was considered a bomb that only made back around $30 million of its reported $40 million budget. Well, 35 years later, Dune is a cult classic that’s revered for the excessive nonsense of it all — from a soundtrack by Toto (not featuring “Africa” or “Roseanna,” sadly), to the first feature film roles for Kyle MacLachlan (who would work with lynch again on Twin Peaks) and the aforementioned underwear-sporting Police frontman. Lynch, who allegedly had his name taken off some prints of the film, would’ve never imagined that Dune would warrant collectibles decades down the line.

Entertainment Earth (EE) debuted the Dune Classic Feyd Rautha Pop! Vinyl figure at its New York Comic Con (NYCC) booth last month. The figure is designated as a “Funko Exclusive 2019 Fall Convention Limited Edition” and bears a Pop! Statue of Liberty on its logo, adding to the collectibility.

Feyd Rautha Pop! Vinyl

The figure is about as simple as it gets — Sting aka Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner in the famed metal undies in which he made an epic steam-filled entrance during the film. I was never aware of any function or special power or magic granted by said briefs, but aside from the winged visage at the front, the back is very much like a thong or speedos.

We’re talking Pop! Vinyl ass cheeks here, folks.

Feyd Rautha

If you’re going all-in on Feyd, you should also grab a quality Vinyl Figure Hard Protector Box, which EE also sells. They’re great for in-box collectors.

Photos: Funko, Entertainment Earth, the Pop Insider