All aboard the battle bus!

New Fortnite characters are boarding the bus for victory, and this time, they are all legends. Taking the brand off the screen and into real life, Jazwares expands its Legendary Series with new figures. Featuring characters with eight pieces and 40 points of articulation, these new Epic Games-inspired figures are ready for battle. New characters in series one include the Visitor, Wild Card, Skull Trooper (Purple Glow), Enforcer, Rabbit Raider, and Havoc.

Each package includes one 6-inch figure and a collection of themed accessories to accompany the specific characters. Accessories include swappable faces, weapons, and accessories that fit in a character’s grip or on his back as they stand tall on your collector’s shelf.

jazwares fortnite

The additional pieces are easy to swap thanks to a mask that easily snaps into place. Collectors can choose three different facial expressions from the interchangeable faceplates — including neutral, happy, and unmasked faces. The impeccably detailed figures also come with a bunch of accessories, including a harvesting tool, a weapon, and back bling. The articulated hands do make it a bit challenging for the figures to hold an accessory securely, but if you position them at the right angle, you can prop the accessories up enough that they won’t fall out of the figure’s grasp. The other points of articulation help the figure stand tall in a variety of poses.

Designed for fans ages 8 and up, each figure is sold individually for $19.99.

Photo: Jazwares