Long gone are the days of advent calendars having 24 half-melted, inedible pieces of chocolate. Fandoms have been getting on board for years, but finally, Funko has what we all need.

This year Funko has three Advent Calendars: Harry Potter Yule Ball, Fortnite, and Marvel 80th Anniversary. Here at the Pop Insider, we got our hands on the Harry Potter edition. For the sake of criticism (and because we’re very impatient), we opened all 24 in less than five minutes.

They. Are. Perfect.

Magic is truly in the air, and the mini Funko Pop!s Yule Ball attire fits right in with the Christmas spirit. There are 23 different characters to unbox and — if you’re more patient than we are — it’s well worth the wait. 

Each character features the Funko details that we’ve come to love. Hermione’s dress has just the right amount of ruffle, Fred and George have the scruffy hair that was popular for some reason in 2005, and Harry has the sad look of teenage heartbreak. Remember Ron’s Yule Ball attire? They’ve nailed it. His old and ugly vintage robes have the head-to-toe detail that he probably wishes they didn’t.

The only fallback of the set is that there was *spoiler* no Voldemort. We know the company is capable, but maybe it thought this holiday set should be joyous.

The Harry Potter Advent Calendar (pictured above) retails for $43, and fans can pick it up at Amazon, Target, or Walmart. Read on for deets on the other two!

The Marvel 80 Years Advent Calendar retails for $41 and is available at Target or Walmart.

Based on the eight decades of comics, there were plenty of amazing characters from which to choose. Captain America is not exactly threatening, but his classic red, white, and blue costume has never looked cuter (or more patriotic). As usual, Loki is the one to watch: His helmet shines bright, and somehow there is a look of mischief behind his eyes. By Christmas day, you’ll have unwrapped many of the heroes and villains that you’ve come to love (or love to hate).

The Fortnite Advent Calendar, available from Amazon, Target, and Walmart, retails for $34.

You’ll be flossing from excitement every day when you pick a new character. It wouldn’t be a holiday pack without Ginger Gunner. While slightly less terrifying in Funko form, it stays true to character with its gingerbread smile. At least we know this is one cookie Santa definitely won’t try to eat. Rabbit Raider brings the ultimate A Christmas Story gone wrong vibes with its detailed, pink bunny suit and (slightly scarier) hockey mask.

Ditch the chocolates. Pick up the fandom inspired merch. Let that be the easiest decision you make this holiday season.

Photos: Funko