What’s the best Funko Pop! to give your office desk a pop of flair? Any of the characters from NBC’s The Office, of course. The hit sitcom now has some of your favorite characters available as collectible figures as part of the Funko Pop! TV line.

The long-running workplace comedy has brought eight of it’s best characters to the Funko universe, with some characters available in varying poses with different props from the show.

The classics include Michael Scott and his “World’s Best Boss” mug, Pam Beesley and her classic pink cardigan, Dwight Schrute looking as poised as ever, Darryl Philbin rocking his clipboard and ready for work, a laid-back Jim Halpert, and good ol’ Kevin Malone with a tub of his famous chili. A second Jim Halpert variant features one of the prankster’s famous cop-out Halloween costumes, with the word “book” written across the figure’s face.

Darryl Philbin Funko Pop from The Office

The Toby vs. Michael two-pack includes a finger-pointing Michael Scott and a sorry-looking Toby Flenderson, the HR representative of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. The vinyl figure of Toby comes with a special prop in hand: a rock with the words “Suck on This” written across it (his going away present from Michael) as seen in one of the series best episodes.

The Funko Pop!s in this series are faithful to the characters they resemble, each one displaying the physical features and facial expressions true to the essence of the character. Each figure’s well-crafted hairstyles and keenly positioned signature stances do an excellent job of radiating personality through the big, black eyes and blocky heads of the Funko form.

Funko Pop Michael Scott Date Mike

The series has since expanded with holiday variants of Dwight dressed as an elf, Michael as classy Santa, and Dwight as Belsnickel, the Santa-esque figure from Dutch folklore. Additional exclusive figures across retailers include a date-ready Michael Scott, three-hole punch Jim, Prison Mike, and banjo-wielding Andy Bernard, just to name a few, with more figures and variants being added to the lineup.

The Office series is sturdy, and each figure feels authentic in your hand. Pick yours up online today, or go for a fun run to your nearest retailer — but don’t forget your fettuccine alfredo carbo-load!

Photo: Funko