Get ready for battle with the ultimate Overwatch collectibles series.

The Overwatch Ultimates Series collectibles, from Hasbro, allow fans to bring all the action of the popular video game to life with these 6-inch scale figures. The premium collectibles include character-inspired accessories and features that match the game design.

Each figure, based on the iconic game characters, features multiple points of articulation to pose your character for display, game-inspired accessories, and stylish packaging befitting the Overwatch theme and illustrations. The design includes each character’s Classic skin with different weapons to hold and swappable arms and hands. The hands can be difficult to add into place, so be sure to snap each limb tightly onto the bodies. Each character’s weapons can easily be held in their hands for your display.


With the Overwatch Ultimates series, fans ages 4 and up can build up a collection of some of the greatest heroes of the future. Figures are sold in single-, double-, and larger-sized packs so you can collect them all. Personalities, such as Tracer, Sombra, Mercy, and Pharah, are suited up and ready to save the day.

Each character’s pieces are very intricately detailed, even down to the makeup and hair designs, so they look just like the characters you are used to playing and viewing in the game on screen.

As you know, some characters work better as a team. The winged heroes Mercy and Pharah team up to protect your collector’s shelf with two 6-inch scale, posable and articulated figures that are true to form. Additionally, the massive-sized Reinhardt charges onto your shelf with a large, 6-inch-scale version that replicates the armored character with two accessories and two shield stands.


Photos: Hasbro