The theatrical release of Captain Marvel marks Marvel Studio’s first female-led superhero flick. To celebrate the film’s debut and fierce warrior Carol Danvers, a new line from Hasbro‘s Legends series transports fans back to the ’90s.

With the super-powered Legends Series collectibles, fans can collect and display their favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel universe. The latest series in the Legends lineup focuses on the ’90s heroes from Captain Marvel.

The Legends Series figures come in different characters, including Captain Marvel (in her different suits), Nick Fury, Talos, Yon-Rogg, Grey Gargoyle, and Gens-Vell. Each box includes the characterized figure based on their film appearance and accessories.

captain marvel

Each figure comes with their own unique set of accessories, including weapons, a few versions of Danvers’ cat Goose, and swappable body parts. (The one shackled and muzzled Goose is too sad! Poor little guy!)

Six of the Legend Series figures feature an extra body part piece that fans can use to build a Kree Sentry figure. Once you have Kree Sentry’s limbs, chest, and head collected, you can snap them together at the joints, so he can stand tall on any collector’s shelf.

The articulated figures allow fans to pose the heroes and villains as they suit up for action. Each figure depicts the Marvel characters with immense detail, and fans will go wild to add Danvers to their hero collection.

These Captain Marvel figures will be available in the spring for $19.99.

Photo: Hasbro