There’s nothing like the holiday season at Hogwarts: frost-covered Christmas trees lining the Great Hall, enchanted snow falling from the ceiling, Dumbledore singing his favorite carols, and sweaters from Mrs. Weasley. What better way to spread some wizarding cheer than with the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar?

It features 24 days of Harry Potter LEGO gifts to make your December more magical than a sugar high at Honeydukes. Each day contains a surprise baggie full of LEGO pieces that you can build to create a holiday scene at Hogwarts. When it’s all complete, wish Harry and Ron a happy Christmas because it’s time for a grand feast in the Great Hall!

LEGO Harry Potter

TBH, some of the days have way better gifts than others. Obviously, you’re going to get more excited to find a minifigure of the Boy Who Lived (wearing his Christmas “H” sweater from Mrs. Weasley, no less!) than a boring wooden table. Some of the pieces are pretty hard to put together because the directions consist of a photo on the back of each door (I’m looking at you, Hogwarts Express, which is now in pieces on the floor under my desk somewhere). The LEGO pieces are also exceptionally tiny and kept flying all over the place (due in part to my sausage fingers), but as my girl Luna Lovegood once said: The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

Some of the builds have impressive details, such as a turkey with detachable legs; a fireplace with translucent flames and a swinging wreath; and a Hogwarts letter with a whole paragraph written on it in teeny, tiny writing, signed by Professor McGonagall. My favorite pieces are the collectible minifigures (Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Lupin, and Dumbledore), the chess set, and Harry’s trunk, which really opens and features Hedwig and a chocolate bar perched on top (you know, just the essentials).

All in all, there’s no place like Hogwarts for the holidays.

Photos: LEGO