In case you’re living under a pop culture rock and didn’t know, Batman is celebrating his 80th anniversary this year. In addition to the events, screenings, and countless other ways DC plans to celebrate, there is a new line of Mattel Batman Missions action figures hitting shelves this spring.

The recommended age for the 12-inch figure assortment may be 3 and up, but Caped Crusader fans of any age can enjoy these new figures. They each feature 11 points of articulation, including knee bend, which makes them fairly posable considering their lower price points. All of the figures are made of hard plastic, but the heroes’ capes are cloth.

The figures line includes both oversized and standard figures. The oversized figures are bulkier and are available as Batman in his Thrasher suit (an armored exoskeleton from the Night of the Owls story arc) or the Albino Man-Bat Super-Villain in his suit and claws. These figures cost $14.99 each. The new standard figures, at $9.99 each, include many Gotham City heroes and villains, including Batman, Batgirl, Robin, The Joker, and Mr. Freeze.

Mattel Oversized Batman

While these may be marketed as children’s toys, rather than high-end collectibles, the figures are a fun tribute to a beloved hero and an easy way to get some 80th anniversary Batman merch without breaking the bank. You can set up scenes to protect Gotham, or even keep them to set up an in-box to display. (And at this price point why not both?) The printing isn’t perfect, but the suits are fairly detailed (even on the standard figures) and the packaging features a “Batman 80 Years” emblem in the front and a colorful comic panel on the back.

In addition to these 12-inch figures, Mattel will introduce a lights and sounds Batman this spring and a 6-inch Batman collectibles line this fall.

Photos: Mattel