The new Game of Thrones action figures from McFarlane Toys may be dressed in their season seven garb, but the four characters in the line are the heart of season eight.

McFarlane Toys, known for its realistic articulated action figures, debuted four new Game of Thrones character figures earlier this month: Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and the Night King. While there are many Game of Thrones collectibles out there for fans to choose from, each with a different take on the iconic series, these figures are unique in their incredible detail, included props, and articulation.

The action figures were created from 3D scans of the actors who portray these characters, helping create a more lifelike design. Admittedly, Dany and Jon’s faces aren’t perfect — though, they are easily recognizable —  but Arya and the Night King are intensely close.

Each figure also comes with at least two accessories, which fit in the characters’ hands. Jon has Longclaw, of course, and a dragon glass dagger. Arya can double-fist Needle and her (now famous) Valyrian steel dagger, while the Night King will want to stay far away with his blade and spear. Dany, who tends to fight using her dragons instead of weapons (too soon? Sorry, King’s Landing), has three house markers from the map room in Dragonstone: the Dothraki’s, House Martell’s, and the Unsullied’s.

Jon Snow figure

The figures’ packaging is well designed, though not revolutionary, with the same basic look as most of McFarlane’s action figures. The clear casing allows for a pretty good look at the figure inside. The front features the Game of Thrones logo at the bottom, while the right side has the character’s name and — when applicable — house sigil. (Interesting to note that the packaging for Jon Snow’s figure features a Targaryen dragon. Accurate, of course, but a sad contrast to the Stark armor he’s wearing.)

If you choose to cut the packaging open and display the unboxed figures, there is a Game of Thrones-branded, circular stand included. All of the figures are very well articulated, which is helpful for posing the characters in action. The only slight downside is that the skirts/skirt-like battle gear — which literally every figure is wearing — is a bit restrictive for leg movement.

For action figures with this level of detail (especially Dany’s cape — it’s amazing!) and articulation, the figures also boast a reasonable price point of $19.99 each. They are available now from Amazon, Walmart, and Target.