Many of my spending vices usually involve anime merch. Whether it’s a model version of Edward Elrics’ pocket watch, Fire Emblem keychains, or Neon Genesis Evangelion figmas, I lose any sense of self-control when I find new ways to surround myself with my favorite characters. 

I’ve been aboard the My Hero Academia (MHA) hype-train for three years now, so naturally, my love for collecting anime-themed merchandise has transferred to nabbing anything with Deku’s face on it. If you’re a fan who loves adding to your large (or developing) collection of anime merch like me, then you’ll love the new MHA figures, from McFarlane Toys.

There are six figures from which to choose. Fans can pick from some of MHA’s most popular characters: All Might, Izukuk Midoriya, Bakugo Katsuki, and Shigaraki Tomura. The collection includes a  variety of heroes, anti-heroes, and a terrifying villain, so no fans get left out.

The packaging is very clean, but I’ll be honest: I was too distracted by the detailed figures inside to pay attention to the box — initially. Each package has an illustration of your chosen character on the front, with a combination of bright yellow and orange graphics wrapped around the sides. If you’ve taken the time to appreciate the package before tearing into it, you’ll see the name of the MHA character displayed across the right side of the box in bold letters. 

When I finally opened the boxes, pulling the figures out was the highlight of my day. Each figure is extremely detailed and has 22 easy-to-pose articulation points. The figures are 7 inches tall and look amazing standing on a shelf thanks to their detailed designs.

The figures highlight the different attributes of each character. They also come with one pair of interchangeable hands for when you want to adjust their pose. Deku is in full costume with an expression that is both daring and passionate; lines of pink emanate from his fists, displaying the unexpected strength and ferocity of his character. Conversely, Bakugo’s gauntlets display flames that burst downward with a dramatic flair (pictured above). His hands blast out flames that complement the confident smirk on his face. The act of “blowing up” the area around him while dressed in his usual hero costume adds to the design of the figure. Of all of the figures in the collection, Bakugo is probably my favorite. 

Shigaraki and All Might’s figures are just as detailed as Bakugo and Izukus,’ but they lack the essence of the other two figures. They have the same articulation points, but they are more rigid on the base. These two figures are each lacking the dynamic stance that makes Izuku and Bakugo’s figures attractive collectors’ items. Although, the figure captures Shigarakis’ creep-factor really well. The hands that cover his body grip his limbs in a way that communicates his eerie character. If you wanted to add a scary supervillain to your collection, then this is the one to buy.

The new line of MHA figures consists of two Izuku Midoriya variant figures, two All Might variant figures, one Bakugo figure, and one Shigaraki figure. These figures are pretty super, and I’d highly recommend them to any MHA fan. 

Now, all I have to do is find a place to put my new figs. 

Photos: McFarlane Toys