Blizzard Entertainment and LEGO teamed up to bring you two of your favorite Overwatch characters, Junkrat and Roadhog, in the new Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog LEGO set. Fans can bring both popular characters and the world of Junkertown, including a yellow chopper bike and a display diorama, to life.  

Similar to other popular LEGO sets, this set contains 380 pieces, some of which are pretty tiny and will require closely following the directions to make the building go smoothly. The instruction booklet features a QR code, which will bring you to a virtual version of the instructions on the LEGO Life app, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the original paper copy. The set also includes the ever-so-handy orange LEGO brick separator tool to make separating pieces easier when necessary, and trust me, it will be put to good use with some of the tiny pieces included. 

LEGO Overwatch Junkrat and Roadhog

The amount of detail drawn on many of the pieces will truly impress any Overwatch fan. The faces on the Junkrat and Roadhog figures are expressive, and Roadhog has his huge stomach tattoo and patches on his clothes. The Roadhog figure is featured as a LEGO BigFig figure, which in LEGO terms is a figure that is bigger than a typical small lego figure or character. The entire Junkyard set measures more than 8 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 4 inches long.

Roadhog is easy to build, and the chopper bike is what you will spend the most time constructing. Depending on how fast you build, this set will take about two hours to complete. As Roadhog would say: a piece of cake.

Photos: LEGO