As a ’90s kid, the karate-chopping Power Rangers were my heroes. Tuning into Nickelodeon to catch the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers re-runs and spin-offs was always on my daily schedule. I’d even argue for hours with my sister over who would play the Pink Power Ranger before taking down our imaginary Ivan Ooze, Rita Repulsa, and her bae Lord Zedd.

It’s been a few decades, but Power Rangers fans are still a force to be reckoned with. Naturally, a new collection of Power Rangers figures throwing it back to the originals had to live up to my standards, which happen to be set quite high.

Hasbro’s new Power Rangers Lightning Collection gets pretty close, especially since the line brings the original series about teens with attitude back in action.

Power Rangers fans can collect the White Ranger, the Dino Charge Red Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge, and the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger from Power Rangers S.P.D. to kick the Lord Zedd figure’s muscular butt, which is literally his iconic gross muscle and no skin. 

Each 16-inch action figure is fully poseable with several joints, weapons, and interchangeable hands and heads to set up — or play out — your own bad-ass fight scenes. The hand and head pieces are easy to swap for quick look changes and allow you to decide if your Power Ranger will go into battle with a weapon in hand.

Hasbro Power Rangers Lord Zedd

The four figures are incredibly detailed to match the characters’ designs from the original TV shows. Although the paint jobs can use some sprucing up, and my girl, the Pink Ranger, isn’t part of the collection, the figures come with a super cool lightning bolt accessory that attaches to the Rangers’ weapons. This adds a unique touch and brings a magical element to the collectible toys

Collectors will also appreciate the packaging, which is just as detailed as its figures. Each one is designed with the figures’ portraits in vibrant colors that match their suits. 

This new Hasbro Power Rangers collection honors the legacy of the classic TV show, which spans close to three decades. The figures are a perfect start to your Power Rangers collection or addition to your current one, especially at just $19.99 each. 

Photo: Hasbro