The end of HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones is coming April 14, but fans ages 14 and up won’t have to flee the Seven Kingdoms.

They can build a piece of Westeros in their own homes with Wrebbit Puzzle 3D’s new The Red Keep puzzle model.

This is no simple puzzle you can build in an hour. Each of the 845 pieces is part of an actual jigsaw puzzle that requires hours or days of dedication depending on the builder’ skill level.

However, that’s part of the fun and relaxation. Definitely call in the troops — like family, friends, or fellow Faceless Men — to help assemble the castle in King’s Landing.

To make the process go smoother, follow the suggested instructions, which say to sort the pieces by color and design. Then, assemble the flat sections before making it into a 3-D model.

When the puzzle sections are built, continue following the instructions to attach each section and the included cardboard panels. Grab a bunch of paper clips to hold the slotted pieces together. Once the castle is complete, you can move on to the 910-piece Winterfell puzzle model just to see exactly how dedicated to the show you are.

Fans will appreciate the serious attention to detail, which is what makes this 3-D puzzle stand out from the rest. The pieces are made of durable foam that ensures the puzzle can hold its shape and the pieces won’t rip easily as you build sections. It may even hold up during another Battle of the Blackwater.

Rest assured there will be no sword-stabbing feelings you get when you stick puzzle pieces together that don’t match and rip the ends off as you pull them apart. The agony!

Thanks to the foam, the protectors of the realm at Wrebbit were also able to add spectacular architectural details straight from GOT onto the pieces by designing laminated paper and sticking it to the foam.

With The Red Keep 3-D puzzle, fans can expect a collectible item from the iconic series they can be proud of. They didn’t even have to fight off any White Walkers to claim it.