Life is like a box of blind bags. You never know what you’re gonna get. After you see Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4, you can collect all of your favorite characters with Mattel’s Toy Story 4 Blind Bag Figures.

Most of the excitement comes from ripping open the bag to see which minifigure you got. There are old favorites, such as Woody, Buzz, Rex, Slinky Dog, and Aliens, and there are some of the brand-new characters from Toy Story 4 as well, including Forky, Bunny, Ducky, Duke Caboom, and Gabby Gabby.

You can also get different variations of the same figure. For example, there is a classic Bo Peep figure in her dress and bonnet, a more modern Bo Peep wearing the jumpsuit she sports in the new movie, and a boss-babe Bo Peep wearing a cape, with her staff slung over her shoulders.

Mattel Toy Story 4 Blind Bag Figures

My favorite thing about the figures is that there are some surprising characters, too, such as Babyface, one of Sid’s creepy mutant toys from the first movie.

They vary in size from 1-2 inches but they don’t seem to be accurate in scale; the Gabby Gabby figure towers over Bo Peep, but in the movie, Gabby Gabby is less than half her size.

Like any blind-bag collectibles, there’s always a chance of getting doubles, or even triples. I opened six of them and got three Gabby Gabbys. But they’re inexpensive enough at $3.49 a pop.

They are pretty basic in design: They are not articulated and are not poseable, but the heads can rotate 360 degrees — for reasons unknown. The outfits have a good amount of detailing, and the facial expressions are cute and cartoonish. Not all of the characters can stand on their own though: Out of all the figures I opened, the only one I wanted to keep on my desk was the Bo Peep figure pictured above, but I can’t stand her up because her head is too big and her feet are too small so she immediately keels over when I try to balance her. 

They’re probably better suited for little kids, but any Toy Story fans will get some joy out of getting a few and displaying them on their desk at work or at home without taking up too much space — if they can stand them up.

Photo: Mattel