Holy fizzing whizzbees, hold on to your sorting hats because YuMe is bringing magic back with a Harry Potter collection of “charms,” aka plush figurines featuring Wizarding World favorites.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dobby, Dumbledore, and, yes, even He Who Must Not Be Named have never looked as cuddly as they do in these 6-inch, plush versions of the characters. The designs are adorable in their simplicity and each character is instantly recognizable with details like the red-and-gold Gryffindor scarves on Harry, Hermione, and Ron; Dumbledore’s purple robes and his elder wand in hand; and Dobby’s pillowcase outfit and bat ears.

They’re made up of a mixture of different textures, including a soft and fuzzy material on their hair and faces, a felt-like material on their robes and feet, and embroidered elements such as eyes and mouths (and in some cases glasses, freckles, lightning-shaped scars, or a certain someone’s snake-like nose slits).

Potterheads can also collect smaller, 4-inch plush charms, which look exactly the same except that they have a key-ring clip attached at the top of each character’s head. They’re a little bulky to carry around with your full keyring but they’d look right at home hooked onto a backpack or a purse.  There are more characters available in the 4-inch versions, including Draco, Hagrid, Hedwig, and Crookshanks, but you never know which one you’re getting because the 4-inchers come packaged inside blind bags (think of it as an invisibility cloak). You might end up with eight Voldemorts but that was kind of what J. K. Rowling was going for anyway.

My only qualm is that the Voldemort charm is so much cuter than the Dumbledore one with Voldy’s bald, gray egghead; his big, black eyes; and his little, chicken nugget ears sticking out — it’s not right. Never. Insult. Albus. Dumbledore. In. Front. Of. Me!!!!

But, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, and these YuMe charms are bringing me as much joy as finding a Dumbledore trading card in my chocolate frog.