Danielle Nicole Rugrats

Flashback to 25 years ago when Saturday mornings were spent plunked down in front of the TV to hang out with your good friends Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. If the mention of Rugrats makes your ‘90s’ senses tingle, I have the perfect bag for you.

Pop culture-inspired handbag designer Danielle Nicole blessed us ‘90s kids with a Rugrats TV Crossbody Purse, available at ThinkGeek, and it is Nickelodeon nostalgia at its finest.

First of all, who doesn’t love a crossbody purse? They’re ideal for spring outings, like day drinking at brunch or frolicking around a music festival without tying up your arms or hands with a big, bulky handbag. It has a 22-inch strap and a sturdy case that’s big enough to carry a fair amount of stuff (including the essentials: phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses), plus a zipper that fully closes. This is important because no one wants to spend the day stressing about a stolen iPhone, all because it was way too easy for some creeper to reach inside an open purse. There are also card holders built into the inside of the purse so that’s a bonus if you want to slide in your ID and a credit card and leave your wallet at home. If I could change anything, I would add a pocket inside because I feel more organized when my bags have extra compartments, but it’s not the end of the world.

Now for the best part: The purse is shaped like a glittery silver, old-school TV set with the Rugrats front and center. That’s right; Tommy and Dil Pickles, Phil and Lil, Chuckie, Susie, Kimi, and, of course, Queen Angelica are peering right out of the screen like the year is 1994 and the channel is set to Nickelodeon. Danielle Nicole doesn’t skimp on the details, including the silver studs that stand in for the on/off switch and channel-change buttons on the TV set.

The purse kind of speaks for itself, but wallflowers beware: You will for sure get showered in compliments every time you wear it. A baby’s gotta’ do what a baby’s gotta do, and this whimsical purse makes the best accessory for grown-up ‘90s kids everywhere.