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Run, babies, run!

The Rugrats are back and now you can wear your favorite Nickelodeon ’90s cartoon on your feet with the new FILA x Rugrats capsule collection, exclusively for Champs Sports. There are three special-edition sneaker styles to choose from, but I tried on the Disruptor 2, one of FILA’s most popular styles.

First of all, Rugrats styling aside, the Disruptor 2 is incredibly comfortable. It’s true to size, although if you’re in between sizes, you should size up because it’s better to be room than too-tight. There’s a ton of padding inside the sneaker, making it easy to walk in without it rubbing against your ankles like some shoes do.

They’re super-chunky and grandpa-ish, taking that normcore look and kicking it up a notch with subtle Rugrats detailing. The sneaker is white, with the blue-and-red FILA logo on the tongue and a thick stripe on the side that has both the blue-and-red FILA logo and a black Rugrats logo. There’s a more colorful Rugrats logo on the back of each shoe, with multi-colored letters outlined in yellow. The interior of the shoe has a print of the FILA logo and navy blue doodles of some of the characters, including Tommy, Chuckie, and Reptar.

Champs Sports

I’m not a fan of how they mixed the different Rugrats logos, with the plain black one on the side and the colorful one on the back. IMO, the yellow clashes with the red and navy blue. I really love the colorful, doodly logo and I wish they would’ve nixed the side stripe altogether and put the brighter and more playful logo on the side instead of hiding it in the back. I also would be more hyped if they put the doodles of the characters on the outside of the shoe so that they were more visible because no one is going to see them inside.

I think that the details are a little too subtle and that a lot of people might not even notice that these are Rugrats shoes unless you point it out to them — but maybe that was intentional. To be fair, the other two styles in the collection do feature characters on the outside, but I personally prefer the Disruptor 2. The shoebox though? That’s an A+.

All in all, ’90s nostalgia is my jam and $65 is a small price to pay for Reptar inside my shoes.

Photo: The Pop Insider