It seems with the final season premiere of Game of Thrones, the only question fans have left is: Who will reign supreme and sit upon the Iron Throne?

Well, with FOCO’s latest figurine collection, in collaboration with Major League Baseball (MLB) and HBO’s hit series, fans can see their own baseball teams and mascots win the final quest.

The limited-edition handcrafted collectibles feature iconic GoT characters including the Night King, the Ice Dragon, and the coveted Iron Throne paired with memorable mascots and players from MLB teams. Each collectible has a signature bobbing head because it’s a classic hallmark of toys for America’s pastime.

The licensed bobbleheads feature characters and original house sigils for each MLB team, allowing fans to essentially choose which mascot will take over the Iron Throne. (As a native Missourian, my family would practically disown me if I were to say any other team should sit atop the throne in victory other than Fredbird and the St. Louis Cardinals.)

Regardless of your baseball allegiances, each figure features the iconic show characters, the team’s banner, logo, and baseball bat. Each of the 30 MLB teams are represented in three figures based on the show’s Iron Throne, Night King, and Ice Dragon; each sold separately.


The Mascot Iron Throne bobblehead features each team’s characterized mascot taking a turn on the throne, holding a sword, beside a banner of the team logo. The Night King and Ice Dragon detailed figures feature the frozen-over team logos, team banners, and baseball bats labeled for your team. Each banner translates a team’s official logo and color scheme into a house sigil, even labeling such as “House Cubs of Chicago” or “House Dodgers of Los Angeles.”

While the first series, available now, pairs the Seven Kingdoms with the 30 MLB teams, future collections will allow fans to choose their favorite players to take a seat on the Iron Throne, as well as dire wolves and White Walkers positioned for each team.

Place these intricately detailed bobbleheads on your collector’s shelf as you simultaneously cheer on your preferred baseball team and your favorite ruler in the Seven Kingdoms. And of course, each figure can “bob” their head in support during pivotal moments on both the baseball diamond and the show.

Photos: Foco