Source: Spin Master Games/The Pop Insider

If M.A.S.H. was truly able to predict the future I would have 124 dogs, a comfortable shack, and Joe Jonas as a husband by now. Maybe Spin Master’s update on the game will bring better luck.

The 17+ version turns the schoolyard favorite into the perfect addition to a night with friends. Just add a bottle of wine (or five) and you’ll be back to your childhood in no time.

Instead of scribbling celebrity names and homeroom crushes onto paper, players will leave their destiny to the cards. Three-hundred predetermined fate cards are divided into six categories: vices, jobs, locations, transportation, occasions, and people. Those who want to write their own future can do so with the dry-erase cards.

Source: Spin Master Games

One player randomly selects one of 40 possible scenarios, and the other players pick a card that corresponds with each category. Just as in the original M.A.S.H. game, players will have to learn their fate after drawing a spiral and choosing the cards that correspond with the number.

Players are technically supposed to keep score but the real fun is in the fortune-telling, so feel free to just forget about that part. While you’re breaking the rules, consider doubling the number of cards you draw when playing with just two people for more fate options.

Unlike the game you played before your face was covered in acne, some of the scenarios can get PG-13. Instead of discovering that you will someday be a professional coyote wrestler, you might find out you’re going to go home with Baby Yoda or that you’ll meet your future bae at a nudist colony filled with llamas (the perfect story to tell the grandkids).

Source: Spin Master Games

Those wanting to have a virtual game night can play the game over Zoom by dedicating the person who owns the game as the official card picker-upper. Be warned though, this will make it much more likely that you’ll end up marrying a devout satanist and not the Hemsworth brothers.

Spin Master’s M.A.S.H. balances the nostalgia of the memorable game with enough current references to make it still just as playable. Players can finish a game in as little as 10 minutes or as long as it takes to down those five bottles of wine. Find it for $19.99 at Target!