When I was a kid, I would beg and plead for my sister to let me join her and her friends in playing Mad Libs. It was a very ADJECTIVE time in my life. But now, I — and all of you — have the chance at a new take on the classic game, from Fully Baked Ideas.

Playing the game requires three to eight people and a lot of creativity. Word cards are filled with — you guessed it — words that can be used to complete the sentences on the sentence cards. They have one word at the top and the different forms below. For example, inappropriate is an adjective, inappropriately is an adverb, and inappropriateness is a noun. Learning is fun!

The goal of the game is to create the best sentence with the cards you’ve been given. Players flip the sentence card and put the words down that they think will be funniest — then everyone chooses their favorite. Sentence cards double as trophies, and the first person to collect three wins.

Mad Libs Game

If all of the words in your deck are trash-adjacent, it’s perfectly acceptable to pick new ones from the pile, but the number of cards a player has needs to remain at seven. Be sure to shuffle the deck, or you’ll end up with sentences like, “Be careful with my salt it tends to sandwich.” Admittedly that made me giggle, but you can do better!

The game is grown-up fun, but not nearly as raunchy as some other card games designed for adults. It doesn’t bring politics or current events into play, and it relies on classic innuendo to be funny. You’re given all the tools: It’s up to you to fill in the blanks.

Photo: Mad Libs