All Things Equal gives cringeworthy family photos their time to shine with the continuation of the hit card game Awkward Family Photos. 

The hilarious party game returns with Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits: Players pair their humor with their love for movies to win the game. 

There are multiple ways to play, and while the box states that the game is for four to eight players, two to three players can enjoy it, too, just in a different way. Also, a large group of six to eight players can play two to three rounds instead of four to keep the game short.

In the standard game, players will set up by placing the box of 50 double-sided Awkward Family Photo cards with 100 images in the center of the table. Then, they’ll shuffle and deal out seven of the 330 Movie Line Cards to each player, which they’ll hide from each other. The extra cards go face down in the play area. The youngest player goes first and takes on the role of “the Critic,” deciding which caption best fits the photo. The Critic will place a photo — most likely while giggling — in the play area, and the other players will place the Movie Line Card from their hand that they believe fits best. Then, the Critic will shuffle those cards and read them aloud — using their best impersonation of the actor who spoke it, of course. (So if you don’t recite “Come with me if you want to live,” in the Terminators’ voice, I vote that you’re automatically disqualified for ruining the fun.)

The player who wins the round keeps the card. The remaining Movie Line Cards are put into a discard pile. The following player to the left repeats this process and gameplay continues clockwise until three to four rounds are complete. The player with the most cards wins — or the Critic calls it a draw if there are some sore losers. If there are only two to three players, you can have a trivia battle with the Movie Line Cards and take turns reading each one aloud. The first player to guess the movie correctly wins the card, and the first one with five cards wins the game. 

Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits

The ease of gameplay and setup makes this the ideal family game night or party game. There is no long set of instructions to read and decipher, or multiple rounds, so getting started is quick and simple. Meanwhile, multiple game modes allow anyone to join in on the fun. 

There is a card for everyone in the decks. The pack is full of memorable lines from action/adventure movies and family-friendly flicks that will bring you back to the first time you watched them. Cinema aficionados will appreciate that the quotes span from 1931 to this year’s most recent movies. The family photos will remind you of some of your own gems just waiting to be shared. I mean, who can say they didn’t have embarrassing class photos growing up? And we all have questionable shots taken during family parties. They’re relatable, which is part of the reason why the game is so wonderful. 

Players can add a personal touch to each round by adding their own family’s awkward photos to the deck. They can also add their favorite movie quotes into the game by printing out blank Movie Line Cards from Both additions boost the replay value of the game. 

Embrace the awkwardness of all families with this irresistibly funny card game. 

Photo: All Things Equal