The dirtiest of minds are finally getting their chance to shine — even if it’s under a street light in the grimiest gutter.

Gray Matters Games puts players’ lexicons and texting skills to the ultimate test with Badmoji — a ridiculously NSFW card game.

In this hilarious game, three to six players or teams compete in two rounds to earn the most points. The winner is dubbed the Badmojiest — and gets to give the losers a swirly. I don’t make the rules, but they sound fair to me.

During gameplay, players choose a host to draw the first card and show the emoji puzzle to everyone. The role goes to the known foul mouthed friend of the group.

The first player to solve the puzzle wins the card and earns the points listed on it. If no one answers in 30 seconds, the host discards it in a separate pile. The host continues this process until the group answers five emoji puzzles correctly. Then, they pass the role clockwise to the next player or team.

The process repeats until everyone hosts in each of the two rounds. Once the second round is complete, everyone adds up the point values on their cards and names the Badmojiest player.  Badmoji card gameBadmoji is easy to learn, but perfectly challenging to play. The card game is designed for big game nights that allow several people to get in on the action quickly and competitively. But, the catch is that the game is more difficult to play than it looks. Each emoji is familiar — from players’ serious phone addictions — but the set-up of each puzzle can trip up even the biggest potty mouths.

The solution to the puzzles never fails to bring laughs and gasps for all players. That can be after the reveal or a quick Google search. They are just inappropriate enough to make you want to clear your browsing history later.

Players will definitely be tempted to play longer than the suggested 30 minutes, especially if they’re trying to get Grandma to say the super raunchy terms out loud.

While a downside is that players may easily remember the solutions to the puzzles when they decide to play again, it gives them a reason to test out other peoples’ puzzle solving skills and texting know-how.

With Badmoji, filthy minds finally get the appreciation they deserve.

Photo: Gray Matters Games