The Disney Collector’s Edition Puzzles, from Ravensburger, give Disney fans and puzzle enthusiasts alike a chance to recreate iconic scenes from classic Disney films — in puzzle form!

The collector’s-edition puzzles are available in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book versions. Each puzzle showcases a beautiful illustration of a scene from the featured movie, along with a fun film reel ribboned across the puzzle showing smaller scenes. The puzzle box also lists the year the movie was released and indicates that it is a collector’s-edition box. 

The puzzles in the collection are 1,000 pieces each and are suitable for fans ages 12 and up. The puzzles also feature an anti-glare surface and include individual pieces that each have a completely unique shape for some less-frustration puzzling.

Ravensburger Peter pan puzzle

The puzzle I solved from the collection was the Peter Pan puzzle, which features a nighttime scene of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the three Darling children flying in front of Big Ben, along with a film reel showing other iconic Peter Pan scenes spanning the left and bottom sides of the puzzle. 

My go-to strategy for puzzle solving is usually to get all of the edges in place and build the border first. However, that strategy proved to be a little difficult for this puzzle, seeing as many of the edge pieces looked similar to one another with the blue sky and white star pattern. I found myself building other key elements of the puzzle first — Peter Pan’s face, Tinkerbell, the clocktower, and parts of the film reel. Putting together the film reel itself is also particularly challenging because some of the iconic scenes in the reel are similar. 

I really appreciated the quality of the puzzle pieces and the almost felt-like backing to each piece that allowed for non-slip puzzle solving. The puzzle will probably take you at least a few hours depending on how fast of a puzzler you are. It’s is a good weekend activity to work on during relaxing downtime. 

All of that said — the whole point of trying to solve a puzzle is for a challenge, and this one was a little challenging … but in a good way! Any Disney fan would swoon over the beautiful scene from Peter Pan once the puzzle is solvedThe finished puzzles are perfectly detailed, deeming them worthy of putting on display. Secure the pieces with some Mod Podge and stick the puzzle inside a frame, and you’ll have a new piece of Disney deco.

You can find the Disney Collector’s Edition puzzles on Amazon.

Photos: Ravensburger