Band geeks and sax-aholics unite! Kenny G. needs your help with his iconic career in the game Keepin’ it Saxy. The world of jazz depends on you to keep the legend from missing a performance.

Maybe he didn’t have any time for morning sax (L.O.L.) or maybe he’s feeling forever alone. No matter how dire the challenge, it’s your team’s job to work together to power through it. You need two to five players to help Kenny G. defeat his hectic schedule in this game that should last about 30 minutes.

For an extra saxy playing experience, you can listen to a playlist made just for the game — because of course — on Spotify while you play. Scatting along isn’t necessary, but it definitely adds to the fun.

Move the stylish Kenny G. wooden token toward the end of the board by conquering the events. To do this you need to match the sound cards with the icons on the event cards. Each card goes with its designated icon and, obviously, the only wildcard is Wa Wuh Wah. Biddle, Scoodily, and Woop your way to glory.

Groove tokens are used to keep track of how well you’re doing. If they run out before Kenny G. reaches the end of the board, the game has been lost and Kenny G.’s career is in shambles.

For the jazzier players who actually make it to the end, determine how groovy you are by how many tokens are left when you’re done. Are you just Scoodily Doop! or amazing enough to go on tour with the sax-legend?

Photo: Big G Creative