Mama may have always taught us to never tell a lie (ahem, remember Pinocchio?), and now it’s time to prove your halo status once and for all.

With Hasbro’s The Lie Detector Game, it’s time to test your best pal or partner’s honesty with these important, and perhaps even dealbreaker, questions.

Start off in the hot seat and answer some seriously high-stakes questions. The party game, designed for players ages 16 and up, uses voice analysis technology to test if you are a lying devil or a truthful little angel. The goal is to earn points by telling the truth and catching opponents in a lie. But TBH, I really don’t want to know that you don’t wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Keep that a mystery, please.

Setup is fairly easy: The briefcase slides apart, and the top aligns with the flat bottom along the indicated red arrows. Then, it’s time to shuffle the 64 cards, grab a pen and paper to keep score, and find out the juicy truths.

When it’s your turn as the respondent and you’re in the hot seat, you will sit behind the lie detector system. Once the interrogator chooses a question, the respondent will press the red button and wait for a beep and a red light to answer. For best results, speak four to six inches away from the microphone. Correct answers yield a ding, while lies will earn you a buzzer sound.

Since the voice analysis works by testing your inflection, it’s better to ask personal questions. Skip the more generic asks, such as, “Is the sky blue?” Let’s get real: If you are going through a lie detector in the first place, then you want the dirt on the juiciest questions possible and not some general knowledge test.


To make sure the machine can read the correct answers, players should speak clearly into the mic and stick to questions with a clear “yes” or “no” answer. Any additional background noise, laughter, or indecision could throw off the results. When the machine cannot tell whether players are telling the truth or a lie, it makes two beeping sounds. Hey, uncertainty is better than a flat-out lie, right??

At the end of the day, keep in mind that it is a toy and cannot conclusively tell the truth exactly, and there are instances when it can misinterpret your correct answers. (FWIW, I am not that friend who will pop your pimple, no matter what this game concludes.) But overall, it is mostly accurate, and even when I intentionally lied, it caught me. Seriously, this game is made for first dates. Give me all the truths upfront!

Some questions are included with the game, such as “Do you like everyone in this room?” or “Would you ever dump a drink over someone’s head?” Stuff will get savage and juicy, and perhaps even NSFW in this adult party game. In fact, additional cards have fill-in-the-blank spaces for interrogators to get creative, such as “Would you ever ____ in an elevator?” or “Would you ever try ____?” You can even make up your questions; and truly, anything goes, so respondents better get ready to sit back and watch the drama unfold.

If you ever wanted to know your pal’s secret crush, relationship dealbreakers, or weird habits, this is surely the game for your next bash as you find out the truth of the matter once and for all. Did your friend really like your new haircut? Has your S.O. ever cheated on a partner? Let’s spill some tea. And hopefully, it won’t ruin too many friendships in the process, but rather create a safe space where you can all speak truthfully and freely.

Photos: Hasbro