Who doesn’t love a good, friendly-yet-cutthroat game of Monopoly?! Sure, it takes hours to play, but that’s what’s so fun about it: the wheeling and dealing, the strategizing, the absolutely ridiculous house rules that most definitely go against the rulebook. (Looking at you, Free Parking money pot!) Whatever; to each family its own!

While classic Monopoly is a tried-and-true standby with which you can’t go wrong, there are countless licensed and themed varieties catering to nearly everyone’s taste. Enter Hasbro’s Monopoly – Disney The Lion King Edition. Fans ages 8 and up can celebrate Simba’s journey to becoming king with this new themed twist on the classic Monopoly game.

Lion King Monopoly

Gameplay for the two to six players goes pretty much like you’d expect it to go: Players move around the themed gameboard as their favorite Lion King characters, buying as many Pride Lands-themed properties as they can. The gameboard features artwork inspired by The Lion King film and comes with six character tokens: Timon, Simba, Nala, Mufassa, Pumbaa, or Scar. (A heartfelt sorry to all of the Rafiki and Zazu fans out there.)

While the game is playable with two players, you really need a handful of people to spice things up and ratchet up the competition. As with the original board game, the more properties a player owns, the more rent they can collect from the other players. However, in this edition of the game, instead of houses and hotels, players purchase grubs and beetles to boost their property values. The last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins.

Lion King Monopoly

In the Lion King edition, Destiny cards — housed in an actual Pride Rock that plays music from the movie — replace Chance and Community Chest cards. The Title Deed cards also include favorite moments and locations from the movie, and it’s all of these details that really make this edition of Monopoly special for Lion King fans.

Monopoly may be a classic game that we all *think* we know how to play, but give the rulebook a look … or three: This ol’ game may just surprise you.

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Photos: Hasbro