Nothing says reliving your college years — or, for some people, not getting over them — like a fun game of flip cup.

With Little Kids’ Wicked Big Sports Flip Cup, you can take your drinking game skills to the next level. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean the floor.

Little Kids made everyone’s favorite adult party game better by adding gigantic, Solo-style cups. Just pour whatever beverage you and your friends prefer into the 12-inch cups, split up into two teams of four players, and race to chug and flip the cups before your opponents do. The jumbo cups pose a massive challenge, even for seasoned flip cup champs.

The eight oversized white and red cups are incredibly sturdy, so they can withstand several rounds of gameplay. You’ll be even clumsier than you are in the original game, so expect tons of spills and extra laughs. It may get messy, but it’s simple, quick, and easy to clean the giant, reusable cups, so you can get right back into the game.

Wicked Big Sports Flip CupIts nostalgic charm brings you back to your college years, chugging to victory at all those frat or sorority parties. However, if flip cup wasn’t your game, this is your second chance for redemption — or to be a disappointment to all of your friends. You’ll still look hilarious playing the classic game, so it’s great for priceless memories and epic Insta posts.

An extra perk is that the cups are stackable for easy travel. Bring them to your next tailgate, backyard BBQ, or the beach for fun anywhere — drunken or not.

Amp up your next flip cup tournament with Wicked Big Sports Flip Cup — responsibly, please.

Photo: Little Kids