No summer is complete without a good Nerf fight. If there are water blasters involved, even better. Hasbro’s new collection of Fortnite Nerf blasters is hardcore, with a huge variety of dart and water blasters based on the weapons from the video game.

The designs really do look like the ones in the game, but more colorful, probably so that they look less like guns and more like toys. There’s something for every price point, from two-dart handheld, mini blasters for $10 to 20-dart rapid-fire, motorized blasters for $50. I’ll run through them from biggest to smallest.

Hasbro Fortnite Nerf Blaster

Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster

The Fortnite AR-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster is the most intense and biggest of the bunch, priced at $49.99. This yellow blaster is pretty big but surprisingly lightweight. It has a 10-dart clip and comes with 20 official darts, which is cool because you can use the extras to reload the blaster, giving you more time to play before you have to run around collecting your fallen darts. The clip comes out easily with the press of a button.

There’s a button that you hold down when you’re ready to fire, which makes a really loud, continuous siren noise. I’m not sure if that sound is some kind of motor or simply created for dramatic effect but it gets annoying after a while. It’s also not very stealth because it alerts your enemy that you’re nearby while you’re trying to blast them. In addition to holding down that siren button, you also have to pull the trigger to shoot the darts so it’s more work to fire than the other blasters but fun for role-playing because you feel like you’re really in the thick of a Battle Royale, doing important battle things.

You can flip up the two sights on the top of the blaster to align your shot, which helps with aim. The darts are made of flexible foam so they won’t hurt when you hit people with them.

Next up is the red, white, and black Fortnite TS Nerf Mega Dart Blaster for $39.99. It comes with eight darts and the internal clip can fit four darts at a time, but it also has a storage stock to keep the four backup darts for fast reloading. It features both pump-action blasting and a trigger to fire so you’re working with both hands to pump and fire.

Hasbro Fortnite Nerf Blaster

Fortnite RL Nerf Super Soaker Water Blaster

There are three options priced at $19.99: two water blasters and a dart blaster. The Fortnite RL Nerf Super Soaker Water Blaster is my favorite because I like something a little more cartoonish looking and this one has a face on it. It’s inspired by the rocket launcher from Fortnite Battle Royale, in blue, orange, red, and green. Immerse the front in water and pull back the handle to fill the tank (it holds up to 9.3 fluid ounces), then push in the handle to send a stream at your targets. This one is the best for a pool party since you have to dunk it in water to load.

The Fortnite TS-R Nerf Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy is light blue, royal blue, and orange. It holds up to 36 fluid ounces (1 liter) of water. Open the cap to fill the tank and move the pump-handle back and forth to create a stream of water.

The Fortnite SP-L Nerf Elite Dart Blaster is yellow and comes with six darts. It has an internal clip that holds three darts at a time. Attach the barrel for distance targeting, or remove the barrel to create a more compact look. Pull the trigger to fire.

Hasbro Fortnite Nerf Blaster

Fortnite HC-E Nerf Super Soaker Toy Water Blaster

Now on to the most affordable options. For $9.99 you can get the purple, orange, and light blue Fortnite HC-E Nerf Super Soaker Toy Water Blaster. Open the cap and fill the tank (it holds up to 7.4 fluid ounces), then pull the trigger to create a stream of water. It’s smaller than the previous ones I mentioned and easy to hold with just one hand. The ideal option for multi-tasking, like holding a burger in one hand and blasting in the other at those outdoor summer BBQs. Nothing can stand between me and my cheeseburger.

Hasbro Fortnite Nerf Llama Blaster

Fortnite Llama Nerf MicroShots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster

The tiniest blasters of all are the Fortnite RL Nerf MicroShots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster, the Fortnite TS Nerf MicroShots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster, and the Fortnite Llama Nerf MicroShots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster, for $9.99 each. Each of these cute, little, mini blasters includes two darts. Load one dart at a time into the front and pull the trigger to fire. It’s small, compact, and easy to take on the go when you’re running out the door to your friend’s house and don’t want to lug around a ginormous blaster. The best part? No batteries required.

All in all, these blasters are a great bribe to get Fortnite addicts up off the couch and into the real world. They’re the perfect way to get active this summer, and they’re fun too. There’s a ton of variety so gather all your friends together and everyone can pick their blaster of choice. Pretty soon, you’ll have a battle royale on your hands, just like in the game.

Photos: Hasbro