“Anything from the trolley, dear?” That’s one of the familiar phrases you’ll hear from Lionel’s Hogwarts Express Ready-to-Play Train Set, along with some other classic lines straight out of Harry Potter.

The 37-piece, battery-powered train set includes a buildable track and four train pieces (a locomotive, a tender, and two passenger coach cars) that replicate the Hogwarts Express. The track measures 50 inches by 73 inches, which would take up a ton of space in a tiny apartment, but would look glorious around a Christmas tree in a lofty living room. 

Hogwarts Express Train Set

The train features working headlights, and it comes with a wireless remote that makes it run both forward and backward— in case you need to make a quick escape from a dementor ambush.

It has all the bells and whistles (there are buttons on the remote control that activate bell noises and whistle noises), but the icing on Petunia Dursley’s pudding are the Harry Potter soundbites. You’ll hear some iconic lines that took place on the Hogwarts Express, including “We’ll take the lot,” “I’m Ron, by the way, Ron Weasley,” and “You’re Harry Potter!” It will take you right back to where the magic started: The first time you saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Step through Platform 9¾ and all aboard the Hogwarts Express!

Photos: Lionel