Get ready for the most nerve-wracking version of Jenga ever.

Jenga Pass Challenge, from Hasbro Gaming, adds a whole new coordination challenge to the classic game that already calls for steady hands. This Jenga tower is smaller than most, but don’t let that fool you—the challenge is real.

To start, players place the passing platform in the stand to set up the 27 Jenga blocks. Once it’s set up, the first player picks up the tower by one of the handles and plays Jenga as usual—well, except for the fact that one of your hands is holding the tower itself steady.

With the utmost concentration, players must remove a block from somewhere below the highest completed row and place it atop the tower without having the tower come crashing down. You get it—it’s Jenga. Then, to finish his or her turn, the player must pass the whole tower platform to the next player. Important: Your turn is not considered successful until you’ve stacked a block, passed the tower, and completely let go.


If the tower comes crashing down while you’re still touching it, you lose that round (sorry, Joe). But, if you successfully pass it on, you last to see another round. Players continue to take turns until the tower crashes. Becoming a Jenga Pass pro? You can make up and add extra challenges like passing it behind your back, using your non-dominant hand, or closing your eyes to pass it along. The world is your Jenga oyster!

The added bonus of this game is that since you don’t need a table top to play—and because it comes with a plastic storage bag for all your blocks—you can quite literally play it anywhere. Play it on the go! Play it at home! Play it wherever!

This review was originally posted on the Toy Insider.