When you think of Nintendo’s Super Mario, chances are you think of Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad. True, Toad is adorable and all, but what about the super mushroom? What about Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, and Starman? Club Mocchi- Mocchi-, TOMY’s new line of plush toys, brings justice to the often-overlooked characters, power-ups, and objects from Nintendo’s Mario Kart.

Designed in Japan, the Club Mocchi- Mocchi- plush toys are available in mega plush characters and clip-ons. The mega plush characters include a red shell, a blue shell, Bullet Bill, and mushroom styles, measuring about 16 inches in diameter. They’re squishy and soft to the touch, and they just so happen to be the perfect size to use them as a pillow, or to rest on while you’re playing video games (don’t want to cramp up during those Mario Kart marathons!).

The clip-ons are available in Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Starman, a banana, a green shell, a red shell, and mushroom styles. They’re much smaller than the mega plush characters, measuring about 4 inches long, making them more suitable to attach to a backpack or keychain.

My favorite item in the line is the mega plush blue spiny shell, which has pointy spikes poking out of the velvety, blue shell. Don’t worry; they’re plush spikes so they’re still super soft.

Club Mocchi- Mocchi- make fun collectibles and act as the perfect quirky room decor or backpack accessories for any Super Mario fan.

Photo: TOMY