The Banished marauders are on the attack, and it’s up to Sgt. Avery Johnson to defend humanity in Mattel‘s Mega Construx Halo Banished Marauder Strike set. Fans of the series can suit up one of their favorite Spartans for an epic campaign against the band of rogue aliens, the Banished.

The set comes with 342 pieces to build mini versions of attacks on two alien mercenaries: Banished brute and Banished jackal. First, you’ll build the minifigures with their own weapons straight from the highly acclaimed video game series. Then, you’ll move on to gear up Sgt. Johnson with his Mark 1 Armor Defense System. The fully articulated suit comes with missile launchers and other artillery perfect for taking down alien scum.

Finally, you’ll construct the Banished aliens’ high-tech hovercraft to fight off the humans. Both aliens can team up in the assault, as one takes over the cockpit while the other mans the turret with a functional launcher.

The kit is nothing short of fun to build. Although you could play out a scene from the Halo series, the pieces are so small and easily detachable that this would be better on display. Also, after investing so much time in building the set, you probably won’t want to risk facing the agony of losing the pieces.

Mega Construx Halo Banished Marauder Strike Set

The instructions are easy to follow, but finding the right piece to attach may take some time if you’re blind as a bat, like me. However, the separate, numbered baggies with pieces for specific portions of the set help you avoid sorting through each tiny piece.

The set is incredibly detailed and true to Halo’s sci-fi story, including the tiny assault rifle, spiker, and plasma pistol. This made me want to buy Mega Construx’s three additional sets to build and display an even larger campaign scene.

Both Halo fans and non-fans can also appreciate the relaxation they’ll get from hours of building the figures and their accessories, even if it’s supposed to be an action-packed scene.

Sergeant Major Avery Junior blow-the-hell-outta-your-alien-ass Johnson is reporting for duty — and relieving our stress with this awesome building kit.

Photo: Mattel