Flaunt your fandom with these intricately designed lapel pins by Fansets.

The pins are available in characters from all your favorite franchises, including Harry Potter, DC Comics, Star Trek, Alien, Firefly, and more. Each 2-inch tall pin is designed in Fansets’ signature micro-figure style, and has a double backing to stay level when displayed on a backpack or any of your favorite accessories.

fansets fans fansets

But what sets these pins apart is their intense detail. Straight from the CW’s Arrow series, Green Arrow is screen-accurate, right down to his beard stubble. The film version of DC’s Aquaman is the spitting image of Jason Mamoa, with intricate scales all over his suit. Hermione Granger’s face looks just like Emma Watson, and her outfit is perfectly on-point from the Goblet of Fire, including the bright pink lining of her jacket.

In addition to 2-inch character pins that can stick onto virtually anything, Fansets also creates larger pins, which can occupy some prime real estate on a backpack, so everyone can know which characters are your faves.

Larger pins are detailed to show more iconic scenes or important emblems from franchises including Star Trek’s USS Enterprise ship soaring off in space, a Bombshell version of DC Comics figures including Harley Quinn and Batgirl, or even a Hogwarts house emblem accessory. I mean, Team Gryffindor, anyone?

TL/DR: These are the pins you’re looking for.

Photos: Fansets