How you doin’, Culturefly?

The subscription box service has curated exclusive merch for just about every fandom, including The Office, My Hero Academia, Supernatural, Pusheen, retro Nickelodeon, DC, and more. But, let us pivot our attention onto one of the company’s newest additions: a quarterly Friends box. It’s like Culturefly has unagi because this is everything we want.

The official Friends box features a bounty of nostalgic merch inspired by the sitcom. The officially licensed goodies offer themed designs based on iconic characters, show episodes, and even catchphrases.

While the first box is already sold out, it’s not too late to sign up for the next one, which will be themed around the first season. While fans won’t know exactly what is inside their box until it arrives at the front door, there will be items across six different categories: apparel, accessories, collectibles, stationery, homeware, and decor. (OK, say it with me: OH. MY. GAWD.)

Based on the retro-inspired first box, we’re already certain future boxes are going to be just as fun as this first one. The box’s exterior is decorated in different show references. For example, the first box features a black-and-white print covered with colorful doodles of iconic images — including the couch, the yellow picture frame, a skyscraper, a smelly cat, and a lobster — and quotes, such as “How you doin’” and “pivot.” (And that’s just a few!) While the box is decked out in fun show phrases and icons, the real treats are inside it.

Fans will find cozy pieces of which even super-Type-A Monica (which, I mean, I get it) would surely approve. A soft, black, oversized sweatshirt features the title logo and an illustration of the orange couch. It has an almost-plush feel, and you can wash and dry it without worrying about it coming out Marcel-sized. Homier fans will appreciate the brushed fleece throw blanket, which features the Central Perk logo on a brick background. (I already know it’ll look perfect draped over the back of my couch and tie together my living room aesthetic.)

The box also includes a picture frame (just like the one around Monica’s peephole!), illustrated stickers and lapel pins, a set of four coasters, and an adjustable denim baseball hat with the show’s logo on it. Fans can recall iconic moments from the show, such as Monica’s turkey head, Phoebe’s alternate moniker of Regina Phalange, and more, as they unbox each subscription. Everything inside of the box and out gives me all the nostalgic feels for the iconic sitcom. The different pieces of merch included are practical yet maintain a cute flair. I cannot wait to see what retro-inspired goodies the next boxes will have to offer!

Similar to other Culturefly boxes, an individual Friends box retails for $39.99, while an annual subscription costs $35.99 per box.

Culturefly, we never want to go on a break from you — unlike Ross.

Photo: the Pop Insider