Charging your devices is necessary to keep your batteries full; however, just plugging in that white cable (or another solid color) is so blah. Why not add a little fun to the mix?

With K-Blings, from Wow! Stuff, a cable accessory line that puts the fun in functional, fans can clip these cute characters onto their phone or computer chargers, headphones, or video game controllers.

The range is available in a variety of themes and licenses, including Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, and emoji icons. Each collection includes both epic and rare characters to collect and display on your cords. Collections are available in blind bags, three-packs, and five-packs. The five-pack includes one mystery figure to match the theme. The HP pack includes an assortment of movie characters, including, Harry, Hedwig, and Hagrid. The Rick and Morty range includes an assortment of show characters as well, and the emoji packs show off all of your favorite emoticons on your cable.

Each K-Bling character has an opening sliced down its back, so you can pull them apart and slide your cable in between. Then, flip its face around and your K-Bling will decorate and protect your cable. It can be difficult to open it wide enough at first, so use your fingers to open the K-Blings as wide as possible before trying to slip the cord onto the middle. Fans can collect these cable protectors and personalize their cords, even adding multiple characters to one cable.


It’s truly a pain when your charger is close to breaking, but these K-Blings can protect your cable before that happens — and do so with awesome flair.

Designed for users age 3 and up, K-Blings start at $3.99. Can someone please get me a whole trail of characters for each charging cable, pronto?!

Photos: Wow! Stuff