Is anything better than curling up in your PJs with a warm blanket and watching TV all day? Actually yes — curling up in your Baby Yoda-themed PJs with a warm Baby Yoda-adorned blanket and watching Disney+ all day (you’re welcome). 

FYE has introduced a line of The Mandolorian merch that’s just what you need when spending the whole weekend binge-watching the cutest alien in the galaxy far, far away. The line includes PopSockets, shirts, pajama pants, a blanket, and a keychain — all from different companies.

The polyester blanket from Northwest is soft and cuddly with a giant picture of The Child on one side. It’s big enough to be a good-sized throw at 50 inches by 60 inches, so you can get warmer than the Tatooine while you eat chickie nuggies. Machine wash it on cold if you happen to spill some sauce (no judgment).  Find it for $29.99.

Three Baby Yodas line up on the left leg of an adorably comfortable pair of pajama pants, from Bioworld, that isn’t up for sale just yet. The pants do run large, so it might be best to check them out in store before buying. To stay on brand, complete your outfit with the above white shirt from Mad Engine. The watercolor Child design retails for $21.99Both the shirt and pants are pretty thin, but that just makes them great for lounging any time of the year. Who cares if it’s sunny outside? This is the way. 

Maybe PopSockets and keychains don’t fit into my lazy-day narrative, but who cares? It’s more Baby Yoda! The PopSockets show both a closeup of the Child in his glory on a spaceship. The bottom part of the accessory sticks to your phone tightly, but you can easily switch between any PopSockets icon by pushing it down and twisting 90 degrees. Each PopSockets option retails for $14.99.

The heavy, metal keychain from Salesone depicts the same baby-on-board scene with a little more animation for just $9.99 How could you ever forget your keys at home again?

With so much Baby Yoda merch in the mix, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, FYE keeps all your Mandalorian needs in one place. Step into the store; a person of your skill should make short work of it. Hunt down the complete collection here.

Photos: PopSocket, Bioworld, Mad Engine, Northwest, Salesone