No breakfast can be complete without toast. I mean, you ever try making a full brunch without a delish carb-ridden side? Um, no thanks. But you can take your breakfast a step further by jazzing up your boring white bread toast with logos from your favorite movies and brands.

Show off your fan-favorite allegiances with an officially licensed toaster, from Uncanny Brands, with a unique design that transforms any crispy, burnt piece of bread into the ultimate hero symbol.

While at first glance each toaster seems like a run-of-the-mill, two-slice appliance, the exterior features awesome designs befitting your favorite franchises and characters, including  Captain Marvel, Star Wars’ Darth Vader or R2D2, and a WWE championship belt. Your kitchen counter will become just a little more geeky (and awesome) with these guys. But wait, there’s more!

The toasters burn iconic logos right into your toast. For instance, your toast can brandish Captain Marvel’s signature star emblem, or you can chomp down on Jurassic World toast complete with a dinosaur on it. Or, for those with the Force, choose from a variety of Star Wars characters on your carb-loaded breakfast side. 

The compact two-slice toaster features cool-touch housing and different capabilities to reheat, defrost, and a quick-stop “cancel” button. Fans can toast a variety of  goodies, including bread, waffles, English muffins, or Toaster pastries. Let’s just hope you like your toast well-done.


Each toaster retails for $34.99, and with that affordable price, a true bargain for such a fun appliance.