Good citizens of the My Hero Academia community! Gather ‘round for some treats that’ll pack a punch as strong as All Might’s One for All. 

I’m pretty sure I can say that everyone loves snacks. At least, I know I’m a fan of anything that keeps the mid-afternoon hangry monster away. What I enjoy most of all is trying new, out-of-the-box snack flavors and brands I can’t necessarily find in stores near me. If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia (MHA), or you if you really enjoy trying snacks from unique places, then FYE’s exclusive Japan Crate X My Hero Academia collab will really fill you up with the energy of a superhero!


The green-colored Deku box is, from a collectors standpoint, not the most eye-catching crate in the world. Sure, it’s covered in MHA-themed art and shows the iconic gang together on each side, but it’s just a cardboard box.  

But when you open the crate, you’re greeted by class 1-A ready for action, charging forward as a team prepared to fight crime — and eat delicious snacks. Inside, an assortment of snacks fills the crate from corner to corner. Quick disclaimer: Each snack in the box isn’t actually from the show, but they were handpicked because they mimicked what a character from MHA might enjoy.

The snacks in the box feature in-your-face packaging and come in a variety of flavors. Lifeguard Gum is among one of the more unusual flavors. It’s based on the Lifeguard energy drink, which is a common energy drink in Japan and contains a burst of caffeine in each piece of gum. The gum’s packaging is covered in a bright, neon-purple-and-green pattern that sells the gum’s energizing qualities. 

If I had to choose my favorite of all the snacks, the umaibo chips (umaibo is a type if puffed-corn snack common in Japanese convenience stores) would be my top pick. The vibrant packaging, cute mascot, and quality crunch factor really made the puffed treats fun to look at — and even more fun to dig into. These sweet delicacies are made by double-frying baguettes and coating them in sugar. They’re perfectly sized for an on-the-go snack and satisfy your sweet cravings. 


The star sweet snack in the box is the Nerriccho Ice Cream, which is based on Todoroki’s ice powers. What makes this snack so special is that it’s a DIY kit, so this snack is perfect for anyone who loves playing with their food. All you have to do is mix the packet inside the wrapper with water to make your sweet treat. There are even tiny ice cream cones inside to house your freshly made candy. 

The box includes 10 MHA-inspired snacks, a one month free Funimation NOW Premium Plus membership, one FYE Japan Crate gift voucher for $10 off of a three-, six-, or 12-month prepaid membership, a coupon for $10 off of your next purchase of My Hero Academia Blu-Ray box sets, and a pamphlet with a list of all the snacks in the crate. 

What’s great about the FYE Japan Crate is that you get to dip your toes into a society you may otherwise never get to see. Not everyone can get all the way to Japan to try these snacks, and that’s what makes subscription boxes like these so special. For me, the best part of my Japan Crate experience was looking at how different the packaging was from what I usually see in my local convenience store. The MHA-themed snacks put me in the mindset of my favorite characters, and it was exciting to pretend that these were delectable snacks in my own U.A. High School lunchbox.

Japan Crate has new themes every month, so if you couldn’t get in on the MHA action, there will always be new opportunities for hand-selected snacks to enjoy. Check out Japan Crate’s website to get your own!

Photos: the Pop Insider