While the ending may have disappointed us, there’s so much good to Game of Thrones, including awesome merch — from figures, to board games, to home decor — but what’s better than showing off your GoT love as a finishing touch to your outfit of the day?

We’ve chosen three of our favorite, Iron Throne-worthy accessories for a review roundup. Check out our thoughts on them below.

alex and ani GoT

Game of Thrones Character Bracelets/Necklaces (Alex and Ani)

Alex and Ani has really stepped into the fandom market this year, producing bracelets honoring pop culture staples such as Harry Potter and The Beatles. Last month, the company launched an extensive GoT-themed line, and it’s fantastic. While the line includes everything from earrings and rings to traditional Alex and Ani charm bracelets with sayings such as “Winter is coming,” the most unique jewelry in the line is inspired by the leading ladies of Westeros.

There are necklaces and bracelets that pay homage to four of the powerful female characters from the show: Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei Lannister (Powerful doesn’t always mean good, as season eight painfully reminded us).

Each character’s bangle-style bracelet includes three charms. One is the character’s house sigil, and the other two represent something about that character. Arya has a shield standing for the House of Black and White, where she trained with the Faceless Men, and a charm that reads “A girl has no name.” Sansa’s bracelet has charms inspired by necklaces the character wears in the show: a dragonfly from the earlier seasons, and the metal ring and bar from later seasons. Daenerys’ has a dragon egg (of course) and a dragon glass arrowhead. Finally, the Cersei charms are a goblet of wine and a bird inspired by embroidery from her blue season two dress.

The necklaces — adjustable to be either 21 or 18 inches long — feature the same four characters and many of the same charms. For each, one charm is replaced with a larger stone to represent that character. Because of the stone, the necklaces are a bit less subtle than a single charm on a chain would be. However, they still don’t overtly scream Game of Thrones, which makes them a fun way to flaunt your fandom as part of an every day look.

All of the pieces are high quality, but the true highlight is the packaging. Each necklace or bracelet comes in a golden box, decorated with house sigils from the show. The outer sleeve splits into two parts, revealing a card inside that holds the jewelry. The card features the Game of Thrones logo and the character’s house sigil on the front and a brief character bio (up through season seven) on the back.

Overall, these pieces are a great way to support the girl power on Game of Thrones, and the entire collection is worth a look.

Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette (Urban Decay)

ICYMI, Urban Decay released a GoT line last month. The whole line is sold out online, but — if you can get your hands on it — the eyeshadow palette is beautiful. There’s no other word for it, tbh. It could be the worst quality eyeshadow ever made (don’t worry, it isn’t), and it would probably still be worth $65 for the packaging alone.

The outside of the box features a zoomed-in image of the iron throne, while the inside features a map of the Seven Kingdoms. There is a top cover, which opens to reveal a mirror on the left and Daenerys Targaryen’s iconic quote about breaking the wheel on the right. The quote is printed on a flap, which you can lift to reveal an amazing, super-detailed, pop-up Iron Throne. Did I mention that it’s amazing?

The makeup itself is inside a pull-out drawer, with 20 shades in total, divided into four themes: House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark, and White Walkers. Not only do the shades have fun names that any Thrones fan will appreciate (such as Stormborn, Free Folk, and Nymeria) but they also have fantastic staying power. Full discloser, I’m not much of a makeup expert, and I tend to stick to drug store brands for all occasions. But this pallet is officially on my must-have list.

Game of Thrones Targaryen Mini-Backpack (Bioworld)

Bioworld makes awesome, practical merch for tons of your favorite fandoms. Just within their Game of Thrones line, they offer scarves, luggage tags, hats, umbrellas, and more.

The Targaryen Mini-Backpack stands out, though, because it is sturdy, stylish, and functional. The callouts to House Targaryen are relatively subtle: a dragon-scale-inspired pattern, some red, and the house sigil on the front.

Because it is a mini backpack, the bag is better suited as a purse replacement than carrying school books. However, it can hold a decent amount of stuff. Inside, there are three pockets (one zippered) to keep things organized, which is a plus. The straps are thin but well-secured, and they are also adjustable so that the backpack works for fans of various ages and heights.

The bag is available for pre-order now from Entertainment Earth for $49.99.

Photos: Alex and Ani, Urban Decay, and Entertainment Earth