These days, most of us have so many tech devices in our lives, from headphones and cell phones to video game consoles, chargers, laptops, and maybe even an Apple TV. For some things, such as phones, it’s easy to add a personal touch with a case. But thanks to Skinit, fans can add a bit of fandom to almost every single tech device or accessory.

Skinit calls these “skins,” but really they are stickers that are cut to cover devices exactly, including holes for all plugs and speakers. I’m not exaggerating when I say they have these for almost everything — there are options for Apple, Samsung, Nintendo, Beats, Xbox, and more. Basically, these stickers can cover anything as small as an AirPods case or a cellphone charging block and anything as large as your PlayStation 4 or 17-inch Macbook Pro.

While the stickers do come in a variety of generic, fun patterns, there are a lot of great options for some of your fave fandoms, too. Skinit stickers come in designs inspired by Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, anime, Looney Tunes, sports teams, Betty Boop, and more. There are different designs available for each device, so be sure to peruse the site a bit to see your options.

skinit spider-man

The fandom skins are all made of vinyl. There are also textured skins — including chameleon, hex, carbon fiber, metallic, and glitter — that are made of different materials, but those are all monochromatic.

The vinyl skins are fairly easy to apply and don’t have many air bubbles (a big plus). And if you do mess up and put one on a bit crooked, you can unpeel and replace it correctly without losing its stickiness. On the products I tested, the stickers also didn’t leave any residue. That’s a bonus, especially if you are worried about making a permanent change to your tech.

I will note that these stickers are purely decorative — they do not protect your device from drops or other impacts, only scratches. (For the record, the company does also sell phone cases that feature its skin designs, and those add an additional level of protection.) I also have a feeling that this product works best on devices that don’t get as much wear and tear. My Apple TV looks lovely covered with its new Mickey Mouse ear design, and it will continue looking lovely as it sits safely on my self. A skin that’s on a tablet or laptop, for example, may start to show more wear and tear around the edges if you’re carrying the device around or pulling it in and out of bags.

Overall, the skins are fairly affordable, with the largest ones (for video game consoles and a matching controller skin) running around $40, and the smallest (for chargers) for $7. You can check out the full selection online at

Photos: Skinit