Fans of The Legend of Zelda will feel like they’re a descendant of Link when they wake up with Paladone’s The Legend of Zelda Triforce Alarm Clock.

They can proudly join the classic Nintendo video game‘s story with this ancient relic shining in their room.

To set up the alarm clock, simply plug the micro-USB power cable into the Triforce’s port and attach the other end to a power wall adapter. Then, using the three Triforce buttons on the back of the clock, toggle through the fields to set the time, date, and the alarm. When you need an extra five minutes before waking up to save Zelda from Ganon, hit the top Triforce button to snooze the alarm.

The Triforce alarm clock has several perks. The Legend of Zelda fans are getting a real-deal collectors’ item, as the Triforce Alarm Clock is officially licensed Nintendo merch. On ominous nights in dreary dungeons — or just in a dark room before bed — you can easily see the bright digital display. Also, the included micro-USB cable makes it easy to use the clock anywhere with a wall power adapter or computer, especially on long journeys through realms outside of Hyrule. Sadly, there’s no guarantee it will work on the distant island of Koholint.

The clock’s nostalgia comes in full force, as the alarm sound is the original theme from The Legend of Zelda sequel A Link to the Past. Thanks to Paladone, fans will wake up with sweet memories of playing the video game for the first time, instead of a heart attack. The alarm starts with a soft, ethereal sound so you can wake up slowly. Then, the loud, booming fanfare of the theme song follows to make sure you’re wide awake to embark on your daily missions.

Where the clock falls short is in the setting buttons and the power capabilities. Although the Triforce buttons are confusing to navigate at first, they take a few tries to figure out and memorize. Also, the power cord doesn’t come with a wall adapter, so you’ll have to kill a few baddies and earn some rupees to purchase a separate one.

Despite these minor setbacks, fans will love decking out their homes with the Triforce Alarm Clock and waking up ready to protect the peace within Hyrule.