Move over Siri, we have a new tech-savvy personal assistant — and this one is Batman-approved.

This sleek, Bluetooth-enabled assistant, from YuMe Toys, is designed to look just like the famous (and tech-savvy) Batmobile, with even more gadgets and impressive skills in store. The stylized replica vehicle features teeny-tiny details just like Bruce Wayne’s helpful car but also responds to more than 30 unique voice commands to be the best personal assistant ever. (Sorry Lucius Fox, you’ve been replaced.)

The premise is simple: Connect to the Voice Activated Batmobile through Siri, Google Now, or wireless Bluetooth via your smart device. Just say, “Hey Batmobile,” and it is ready to answer all of your questions. Ask the impressive replica car where Gotham City is located, what the weather’s like, to dim your house lights, or even to blast the latest JoBros on Spotify (erm, guilty on that one).

To set up the best assistant you’ll ever have, plug in the die-cast car using the included micro USB cord and adapter, and wait for its LED lights to blink slowly. It’ll take a few minutes to sync, so make sure to hold the button beside the cable port for three seconds until the lights flicker at a faster speed. Then, it’s ready to connect. Turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and pair it with the car’s own “BAT_MOBILE” setting.

Ready, set, activate! Before your new Batmobile assistant is ready to go, you’ll need to say those magic two words (Hey, Batmobile), await confirmation, and then begin your request. Go ahead; ask the Bluetooth speaker to look up some Christmas cookie recipes or virtually anything else you want to know!

Even when the portable Bluetooth speaker isn’t in use, it makes the perfect Batman-inspired home decor. The sleek, die-cast car sits on a black base with a small Bat emblem on the front, making it the perfect showpiece for collectors. There’s an accessible engine hood; a cockpit that slides open; and flappable, side-mounted weapons. With the Batmobile’s help, you’ll soon have all you need to suit up and save the day just like Bruce Wayne does for Gotham.

Your own Bat-approved personal assistant is currently available for preorder at GameStop for $79.99.

Photo: YuMe Toys