Source: Casetify

Hot, diggity dog! A Mickey Mouse-themed Casetify collection is officially available.

It’s the first release of the new Disney x Casetify collaboration and anything that follows will have some mighty big yellow shoes to fill. The “Mickey Mouse Club” collection includes everyone’s fave mouse on a ton of different tech accessories.

When I opened the box of goodies from Casetify, I was immediately drawn to the wireless charger featuring Mickey’s face squished on a thin circle. This was partly due to the fact that my phone died on the way to work but mostly because it’s so stinkin’ cute. Unlike other wireless chargers (looking at you, Apple) it adds to your decor instead of just being something you put up with for the sake of a full battery. The charger features a blue light around the circle that illuminates as it charges.

The Mickey Mouse Club x Casetify collection | Source: the Pop Insider

The phone cases in the collection are sturdy and seriously packed with everything Mickey. They fit iPhones and Samsung phones of different generations. There are plenty of designs to choose from, including options for customization. Yes, that does make you a member of the Mickey Mouse Club — move over, early-’90s Brittany Spears.

One phone case design features Mickey Mouse floating in glitter. You can turn it into a game to try to get Mickey’s head reattached to his body before the end of your Zoom meeting! Another is a collage of happy Mickey Mouses (Mickey Mice?) that’s sure to cheer up any bad mood. Each is made of strong plastic that can protect your phone in addition to making it look adorbs. Casetify cases are incredibly durable, so rest assured that your phone is well protected in these glass (plastic) houses.


As I write this I am wearing the Apple Watch band decorated with happy, confused, zany, and playful Mickey Mouse images. I’ve had my watch for more than a year and I’ve never changed the band so I was a little bit nervous at first but the fit was comfortable and easy to adapt to. Apple Watch bands are sold by the size of the watch, not the size of your wrist, but they feature plenty of holes to make it the right size for you.

The collection also includes cases for AirPods, Macbooks, iPads, and 2-in-1 grip stands. Grab your Mouse ears and pick up what you can before it sells out! Ohhh, boy!